Good evening Surfers,

I want to start off by saying to everyone, THANK YOU for an amazing day that we had this past Sunday. The surf was fun all day and everyone was able to get some waves. For lunch we had some home grilled tacos that everyone contributed to, we had homemade pasta as well as some homemade hot sauce form Virginia Beach made it this far west! Thank you, Handler family!

Also, we welcome all the new members that signed up and joined us this past Sunday. As always if you have any questions please ask and we will answer. Sometimes it may take a day or two but we will do our best.

A personal thanks goes out to Brad Kent and Nick Barringer for helping with setup, getting there early is not always the easiest, especially when you come from far away. I thank you.

Special mention goes out to a few people. Louis C. for always facilitating the grill and sharing the stoke!! Also, to Josh and his wife for bringing the music and helping with the food and always smiling!! Thank you, Elizabeth, for coming to the Surfing Madonna Project this past Saturday helping with the surf instruction for the kiddos. From 09:00-12:00 we were in the water helping awesome human beings have fun in the water. We as a club strive to continue being humble, enjoy what we have and can create, we appreciate all of you!!

Over the next weekend, we will be celebrating our country’s Independence Day. Our country is not perfect, as in anything we can always learn from the past, strive to create a positive destiny, and leave a positive legacy for everyone we touch. When we see each other out and about, just say hi and check on each other in case someone may need a lending hand.

Our Next Meeting will be July 24th, 2021, at San Onofre Church Surf Break aboard base. From then we will do two meetings a month, one each at DMJ’s and Church. As always, we want to make it more available for everyone to meet, surf and have fun.

If anyone has ideas, please send us a message so we can see if we can make it happen.

To our active duty service men and women, we thank you for stepping up and going to the next level. If you ever need anything, we will do what we can to keep you in the fight.
Ma halo,