The Pendleton Surf Club

Roster of Officers

The listed officer(s) hereby authorize the following information to be given to persons requesting information on their organization.

Eric Franklin

Eric Franklin


email: pendletonsurfclub@yahoo.com
Colin Cooper

Colin Cooper

Vice President

email: colinmcooper@gmail.com

Skylar Hays

Skylar Hays


email: skylarhays@hotmail.com

Louis Deforest

Louis Deforest

Treasurer/Surf Team Captain

email: louisdeforest@gmail.com
Nick Barringer

Nick Barringer

Surf Team Co-Captain

email: nick.barringer@cox.net

Club Goals

• Surf
• Surf Together
• Share your surfing adventures with others
• Share your military service with others
• Lend a hand/get involved within your community
• Give back to your fellow veterans with your time and devotion to each other

Club Values

• Honor the sport of surfing
• Be a great citizen

• To each other
• To the ocean
• To life

• To the sport of surfing
• To yourself
• To your community

• Faithfulness to your fellow surfer/veteran/family/beliefs.

Demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support to the ocean, the sport of surfing, and each other

Mission of the Camp Pendleton Surf Club

The Camp Pendleton Surf Club is made up of surfers on Active duty and their families who are stationed aboard Camp Pendleton. The club is also open to reservists, retirees, DOD personnel and all branches of service stationed aboard Camp Pendleton and surrounding community. The club has been established to spread the positive force of surfing and to the military members here on the base that make the sacrifices on a daily basis for our country’s freedoms.

Our club is fortunate that our base is located with 25 miles of coastline and some of the best breaks in Southern California, which we are privileged to have right in our own back yard. No matter what your level or degree of surfing is, you are invited to come and share your stories, make new ones, and become a member of our special club.