Good Morning everyone,

I wanted to start off by wishing everyone to have a great day today.  The surf is looking good, and the weekend looks better. 

This past weekend was a huge milestone for the club. We were able to collaborate with AmpSurf to get a surf clinic to our shores and have participants learn and share in our sport.  I want to thank the Team of AmpSurf for coming out making all of this possible.  Dana, Doug, and Lynn, we thank you for all that you and your staff were able to accomplish this past weekend.  Our Club and I were humbled by what we accomplished as a team and we look forward to more in the future.  Once again thank you for making this a successful event and milestone.

To our club volunteers, it was a sight to see from the water and shore your hard work assisting AmpSurf.  I thank you for the help running the tent, water safety, and helping those in the water when needed.  That is an awesome sight to see. 

Another milestone is that we hit 100 members.  Thank you all for the continued support.  We have accomplished a lot within one year and as we continue to charge ahead, we will accomplish more.  Assisting the base of active-duty Marines, their families, our reservists, and veterans alike, we will continue to get you in the water to have fun, learn, be safe and most importantly, having fun.

Our next meeting will be the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, DMJ’s.  The time will be TBD for now, I will send out the details as we get closer.

In the meantime, enjoy the surf, warmer weather, and camaraderie when you can.  Grab your friends and go surf taking care of one another and pushing each other to charge ahead.  Whether it is surfing or daily life, keep pushing yourself to a higher level, never give up.

Eric Franklin
Club President