Good afternoon everyone,

I have been out for two weeks and didn’t send out any follow up, my apologies.

I want to thank everyone who attended the Halloween surf meeting.  Personally, I thought it was an awesome time.  Getting everyone to wear costumes, bring the families, people connecting and reconnecting. One day we will have champion waves at our meetings so let’s all pray for surf!

We would like to congratulate Luz Thompson for winning the raffled board for Maurice Cole and all the others that won other prizes!!!

That leads me to my next subject of our next meeting.  We will be at San Onofre on base December 12th to surf and freeze!!!  The water temp has dropped a bit but that will not stop us!!!  We will be meeting at the dirt parking lot straight out from the cabanas.

We have some things in the works for next year, Dr. Nosek  is working on some collaborative events that we can all try and be a part of, so please be on the look out for more information, as I get it, I will pass on to you all for dissemination.

November 10 and 11 are infamous days on our calendar every year.  We have the Marine Corps Birthday on the 10th and then Veterans day following.  For each one of you that have served our nation and are currently serving, I thank you for your service!!!  It is a huge commitment, especially when you never know where you may be in a month, hip deep in mud or a scorching dessert, or drug interdiction off the coast.  For my fellow Marines, you glorious green machines, Happy Birthday!! 

Currently we have the king tides so do what you can to get some surf in.  Remember to grab your buddy and never surf alone, grab a fellow club member, veteran or active duty and get them in the water!!

From the Board of Directors,

Thank you all!!!”